75% of the sites around the globe are now responsive

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A recent report on the websites around the world found that about 24% of the was not responsive, or mobile friendly. That means that about 75% of the sites around the globe is now responsive.

The survey done by Canonized.com analyzed the top 1 million sites of the world according to traffic stats.

The definition used was what Google deemed responsive websites. That a site is mobile friendly is really important considering most people use their smartphones like iPhone or tablets like iPad to browse the web.

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Imagine if you where moving from one city to another and searched for movers in your area and clicked on a site that was not viewable on your phone?

If you where moving to or from the city of Oslo you might click on Majorenflytt.no which is a moving company located there. If the site was not responsive – or mobile friendly – you would not be able to contact the movers to move your stuff.

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Luckily that site is responsive, and so are most of the other sites around the world. In a couple of years the rest of the sites will probably also be mobile friendly.

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