5 apps you should have on your iPhone


We always bring our phone, and it is a tool we cannot survive without. One of many reasons why the iPhone is so great, is because of its endless selection of useful apps for entertainment or apps that will make you everyday life easier.

We are going to take a look at 5 different apps that you definitely should have on your iPhone.

For entertainment
Let’s be honest, we’re not just using our phones to call and text anymore – we need some entertainment as well. The phone is great for streaming movies or music and apps like Netflix, HBO, Podcast and Spotify are there for a must.

Remember that you can download movies, series, and songs so that you can watch and listen to your entertainment whenever you are traveling or if you don’t have access to internet.

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For investment
A lot of people like to invest their money in stocks. If this is you, you might want to download an app for just that. These apps make it easier, and more practical, because you can buy and sell shares at any moment. You can be there exactly when the price is at its highest which will give you a chance at being an even better investor.

If you are looking for information about stocks for beginners, you can have look online. You will find the answer to almost all your questions. You will also find guides to all the trading apps.

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For the kids
The smartphone is a great way to keep the kids entertained. Surely, we don’t always want them in front of that screen, but it will for sure keep the kids busy on long flights or road trips. We all know that it’s not that easy to be patient when the trip is long.

You can also find apps that will teach the kids something new, like for example Dragon Box. Dragon Box is an app that teaches the children about math in a new and existing way, through fun and games.

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For communication
A common user case for the phone is of course communication. It is always nice to stay in touch with friends and even be able to talk to those who live further away. Well-known apps like Snapchat, Messenger and Instagram are great way to communicate through messages and photos.

The app Houseparty is great if you want the gang to meet up together virtually. You can connect together, chat, use filters and play fun games. It is almost like you are meeting up together in real life. The opportunities are there and it is time for you to explore all that you iPhone is capable of!

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