12 Month Zoom Chess Subscription [Instant Access]


12 Month Zoom Chess Subscription [Instant Access]

12 Month Zoom Chess Subscription [Instant Access]

  • Complete learning and playing environment. ZoomChess covers all aspects of Chess. It contains thousands of learning activities for students 4-18.
  • Puzzles that talk and play back – Busy parents love the ZoomChess talking teacher that reads instructions, gives hints, explains concepts, and encourages every step of the way. Even early readers can use it by themselves.
  • Faster learning – ZoomChess outpaces chess books and classroom learning by a wide margin. Because students can learn a concept, practice it, and master it with instant feedback, instant board set-up, and at a level that is “just right” for that student.
  • Students enjoy Virtual Trophies and Promotions for achievements to stay motivated – and progress is tracked so you can see how the student is doing.
  • Lessons and Matching Exercises – When it comes to learning new chess concepts, ZoomChess is like having a chess coach available 24 hours a day! ZoomChess has more animated lessons than any chess product in the world.
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Learn how to play chess with ZoomChess, the Internet’s leading chess curriculum. ZoomChess adjusts to the student, and individualizes what they see next. With a curriculum divided in over 150 subject areas, ZoomChess discovers where students have developed proficiency, and where they need help…and delivers activities at their level.Trying to access a ZoomChess product you already purchased?To access your ZoomChess subscription: Go to: http://zoomchess.com/log-in/ Log in with your ZoomChess account credentials

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Price: $ 49.95

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