12 Month Zoom Chess Subscription [Instant Access]


12 Month Zoom Chess Subscription [Instant Access]

12 Month Zoom Chess Subscription [Instant Access]

  • Complete learning and playing environment. ZoomChess covers all aspects of Chess. It contains thousands of learning activities for students 4-18.
  • Puzzles that talk and play back – Busy parents love the ZoomChess talking teacher that reads instructions, gives hints, explains concepts, and encourages every step of the way. Even early readers can use it by themselves.
  • Faster learning – ZoomChess outpaces chess books and classroom learning by a wide margin. Because students can learn a concept, practice it, and master it with instant feedback, instant board set-up, and at a level that is “just right” for that student.
  • Students enjoy Virtual Trophies and Promotions for achievements to stay motivated – and progress is tracked so you can see how the student is doing.
  • Lessons and Matching Exercises – When it comes to learning new chess concepts, ZoomChess is like having a chess coach available 24 hours a day! ZoomChess has more animated lessons than any chess product in the world.

Learn how to play chess with ZoomChess, the Internet’s leading chess curriculum. ZoomChess adjusts to the student, and individualizes what they see next. With a curriculum divided in over 150 subject areas, ZoomChess discovers where students have developed proficiency, and where they need help…and delivers activities at their level.Trying to access a ZoomChess product you already purchased?To access your ZoomChess subscription: Go to: http://zoomchess.com/log-in/ Log in with your ZoomChess account credentials

List Price: $ 49.95

Price: $ 49.95

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