10 tips to take great iPhone photos

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Almost everyone can take great photos with their iPhone. But here are some easy to follow tips and techniques to help you take even better photos with your iPhone.

  1. Use the iPhone camera shortcut: Take your pictures on the spot without wasting time and avoid missing photo opportunities.
  2. Turn off your flash: The camera flash on your iPhone does not always help, often it can make photo editing more difficult.
  3. Turn on HDR Auto: High Dynamic Range, or HDR lets you snap photos that may have high contrast light sources.
  4. Less is more: Too much objects in your picture can clutter the impression. Usually, less is more.
  5. Low angle: Usually people take their iPhone photos standing up. Even sitting can in many cases improve your photo.
  6. Use both hands: If you use both hands while shooting your pictures you reduce blur due to shaking while pushing the camera button.
  7. Try different angles: Opting for your first impression while shooting with your iPhone is not always the best option.
  8. Try third-party apps: There are lots of cool iPhone apps that can take your picture to the next level by adding filters and other effects.
  9. Snap photos with the volume button: Yes, you can actually do this. And using this button reduces shaking and blaring your photos.
  10. Practice: It is a proven fact that you get better by practicing, and this also includes using your iPhone shooting pics.

But obviously, you can’t take all the photos yourself, sometimes you actually have to hire a pro photographer. Try searching online to find a good photographer.

If you live in Oslo in Norway you might want to consider Rune Hammerstad, to find out more check his website Fotografoslo.no.

If you live in some other country or city, just try searching for a local photographer.

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