10 big reasons to get an Apple TV

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Apple TV is not an actual TV but a small device that is attached to your TV. You can stream media from the internet on your TV. It basically acts as an interface so you can listen to music, watch videos and play games. The first Apple TV was launched in 2006, since then improvements have been added to it.

The third-generation Apple TV is very easy to set up. You can browse the featured content from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and even ESPN.

Here is the list of big reasons of having an Apple TV:

1. You can use your iPhone as the remote
According to some users, the Apple TV remote is very lame. The buttons are very closely designed on a small remote. That is why it is difficult to input text. With the Apple remote app, you can control your Apple TV using your iPhone or iPad.

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2. It can handle 4K
The previous Apple TV could not handle 4K, but the third generation Apple TV does support it. It was a problem because the previous TVs could not handle 4K video resolution. It became a necessity so Apple introduced the TV which can handle 4K resolution.

3. It Supports HDR
The Apple TV now supports high dynamic range (HDR) which is basically a feature that allows the TV to produce more excellent quality pictures. It can really enhance the experience of your TV. The results are almost similar to those that you see with your own eyes.

4. Audio and video streaming
You can browse quality content through the internet. The user can rent videos from the iTunes store with the help of the streaming device. The user can also rent videos from Netflix, Hulu Plus, and HBO NOW.

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5. 4K HDR games
You can also access a wide range of games in 4K HDR quality. The third generation Apple TV has a powerful processor that can handle very heavy games on your TV.

6. Access to various apps
You can access various app on your Apple TV which are present in the app store. You can share photos, access social media, and even use the weather app.

7. Excellent picture quality
The picture quality of 3rd Generation Apple TV is really good. As long as the movie has a good source of 4K transfer, the picture quality will be very good. It will deliver clarity in images as well as color refinement.

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8. You can jailbreak it
You can jailbreak the Apple TV and install extra apps. You can jailbreak the first and second-generation Apple TV but not be 3rd Generation. It is because there is no jailbreak yet for it.

9. Stream non-iTunes content
You can stream the non-iTunes content without even jailbreaking your Apple TV. There is an app for Mac called Airflick which lets you push any audio or video files to your Apple TV.

10. Use Airplay mirroring
Through Airplay mirroring you can see anything on your big screen which is on your iPhone or iPad. But not all apps are compatible with the Airplay mode. But you can use it to play games.

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